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Exciting Changes Ahead!

Hey there, Friend.

Big things are happening behind the scenes as we transform into a whole new concept of giving and living. Our website is currently under construction as we work tirelessly to bring you a fresh and vibrant experience.

In the meantime, you won't miss a beat! Follow us on our YouTube channel, "The Mop Drop," where we're sharing daily updates about this incredible movement towards giving and making a positive impact on our world.

Stay tuned for the grand unveiling and join us in this wild and exciting journey!

Hi! It’s me, Tamara, and I want to tell you personally that I can’t wait to give you the gift of clean!  

One, so you can experience the joy of your home being fresh and clean and sparklingly beautiful! 

Without the physical and financial stress.  

And two, to so you can know what it feels like to accept a real gift, pure from the heart without any strings attached.  

We don’t experience that too much in our monetary-transaction based world. I hope to infuse the idea that good things in life can be free and what better way to do that with giving you a clean home.  

Call us today to get on our schedule: 


Thank you for being a part of this movement for a cleaner, kinder world.

With gratitude, 



Meet our fantastic crew at Serenade Cleaning!

With a dynamic mix of experience and fresh energy, we've got the dream team for your cleaning needs. Our senior cleaners bring the wisdom, while our vibrant new hires infuse enthusiasm. And don't forget about our trainees in the wings, eager to shine! All dedicated, hardworking, and ready to make your space sparkle – they're the heart and HANDS of our give and live movement!

🌟 Want to Be the Spark of Change? 🌟

If you're inspired to join hands with Tamara in her mission to make the world sparkle a little more, you can contribute to this movement.

Your donation directly supports Serenade Cleaning, ensuring our doors stay open and allowing us to provide exceptional service while supporting Tamara, her family, and our dedicated team.

Your gift is not just financial support; it's a symbol of your belief in the power of giving and positive transformation.

Together, let's create a brighter, kinder world!

We love music around here, with a name like Serenade Cleaning I'm sure that isn't hard to guess! Below is a song I wanted to share to leave you feeling inspired. Thanks for visiting!


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